K2 - Unisex Snowboard, Medium. 2023/24

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K2 Snowboards, 2023/24 Medium Unisex Snowboard. 

The Medium by Jake Kuzyk, completely redesigned for modern freestyle snowboarding. K2 Snowboarding Pro Rider Jake Kuzyk is dedicated to the classics...a classic, round, twin, tip and tail, a classic (mostly) camber profile, and a predictable flex pattern. We took all these elements into account when heading into the workshop and designing the all-new K2 Medium for the ‘23/24 season.

Working with Jake Kuzyk and Kennedi Deck, we focused on creating a tool with an all-inclusive sizing, flex pattern, and design aesthetic. The Medium starts at a 141cm length and maxes out at 159cm.

A deep sidecut between the feet and a smooth blend zone in the tip and tail make the medium feel more stable than in years past (wider waist width, yes!), but still nimble for those low-speed maneuvers in the streets.

We worked alongside jake to engineer our new Carbon Backbone™, a pre-cambered carbon stringer that runs form tip to tail, giving Jake all of the snap that he needs without the extra stiffness that he doesn’t.

Jake worked on this graphic from start to finish; hand-cutting each of the paper characters found on the topsheet, the K2 logos on the base, and hand-pulling paint marks to form the gloss prints found on the topsheet.



Our Sintered 4000 base absorbs wax deep into the material for relentless glide and unrivaled durability.


Bamboo. Aspen. Paulownia. We’ve blended three species of renewable timber to assemble a core that’s strong, lightweight, and designed to enhance dampening without the addition of other materials.


A glass laminate with diagonal layers that adds torsional stiffness for increased stability and improved edge hold. The fibers three layers are woven at 45°, 45°, and 0°. This makes for a more responsive ride longitudinally and torsionally.


A carbon fiber lay-up that aids in energy transfer and stability, speeding up edge-to-edge transitions and keeping you in control in times of need.


Tip to tail cambered carbon insert running down the center of the snowboard adds response and rebound for precise control on approaches and landing heavy tricks, and adding snap to every ollie.


2x4 Insert packs allow for secure binding mounting while optimizing stance-width options.
Time-tested, secure, and stable.