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Fix, 2024 Truce Unisex Freestyle Bindings. Icon


  • 18% Glass Injected Nylon Baseplate
  • 18% Glass Injected Nylon Highback
  • Memory Gel Ankle Strap
  • Cast Aluminum Buckles
  • Ladder Saver Buckles
  • Tool Free Strap Adjustments
  • Tool Free Forward Lean Adjuster
  • Easy Highback Rotation
  • EVA Footbed Padding
  • Regrind Free Injection Moulding
  • First Shot Pure Nylon
  • Paint Free Nylon
  • Lifetime Warranty on Buckles
  • Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate
  • Regrind Binding Box
  • Regrind Wax Scraper Hardware Card
  • 4x4 and Channel Mounting Hardware
  • 4x4 and Channel Compatible Discs

Super Responsive All Mountain Freestyle

Lightweight all-mountain binding for intermediate to advanced riders. Durability at this price point is unmatched on the market. A medium flex binding that is stiff enough for the most advanced level rider, while having a price-tag that is affordable enough for even the most budget conscious snowboarder. The nylon frame flexes with your board making it a forgiving and fun, yet solid and reliable binding.

Recommended Use: Unisex Freestyle
Flex Rating: Highback: 6/10 | Base Tray: 6/10 | Overall Flex: 6/10
Straps: Stitched Ankle Strap | Injected Gel toe strap
Weight: 758g (per binding)
Mount: Compatible with 4 hole and 2 hole systems
Tool Free Adjustment: Yes
In The Box: Mounting hardware | Regrind wax scraper | Bindings
Warranty: We back these bindings with an industry first lifetime warranty on the basetray and buckles. (1 year on other parts

How do they ride?

The Truce has been in our product line since day one and has not only won product test awards, but is also the binding of choice for some of our top team riders, which says a lot about the durability and performance. We also get next to zero warranty returns on this binding globally. It's THAT strong.

Trouble Free


Our cast aluminum buckles are some of the lightest and strongest in the industry. Tested to 28,000 clicks (trust us, that's a lot), they have an industry-first lifetime warranty.

Pain Free


Premium perforated fabric encases the ultra-comfortable memory gel interior. Designed for one thing and one thing be as comfortable of an ankle strap as possible.

Tool Free

Adjust your straps and forward lean on the fly with our user friendly clasps. You can even adjust them with your gloves or mitts on while on the hill to dial in the perfect set-up.