Super 7 - Powell Peralta Wave 1B Figure. Lance Mountain

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Super 7, Powell Peralta Wave 1B Figures. Lance Mountain

Skate culture meets toy history! Super7 has created this wave of Powell-Peralta ReAction Figures featuring Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Steve Steadham, and Tommy Guerrero! Each figure has a design that reflects the skaters’ signature graphics and is packaged on a cardback to complement the aesthetic of their pro model board.


A breakout star from the early Powell-Peralta videos, Lance Mountain’s goofy antics and all-terrain skills quickly made him one of the most popular skaters of his generation. Inspired by Lance Mountain’s “Future Primitive” deck graphics, this 3.75” scale articulated Powell-Peralta ReAction Figure includes a staff and dog accessories. Stand out from the crowd by adding this wave of Powell-Peralta ReAction Figures to your collection!