Powell Peralta - Deck, Lasek Tortoise 3 Flight Deck

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With a thickness similar to that of your phone, this is deck incredibly thin and light. But don't let its slim profile fool you, because it is more than twice as strong as traditional decks in tail break tests. This means the Powell Peralta Bucky Lasek Tortoise Flight® deck is long lasting and maintains "everlasting pop" even after intensive use.

The unique epoxy infusion and fiber-reinforced structure of the Flight deck provide unmatched resilience and strength, allowing you to ollie higher and have more snap during your tricks. The team of Powell Peralta has extensively tested Flight decks and found that they last several times longer than a traditional 7-ply deck. This makes them not only superior in performance, but also an excellent investment in durability and value.

Includes Free Sheet of Black Griptape